Terms and Conditions for Rentals


  1. The RENTER agrees to keep the equipment at the prescribed place of use at their own expense. Normal wear and tear are expected; however, the equipment should be kept in an acceptable state of repair.
  2. Should the need arise for excessive repair/replacement or the equipment not being returned for any reason, the RENTER shall pay the OWNER 75% of the fees incurred to repair/replace the equipment. The OWNER’s invoice for repair/replacement cost will be conclusive and the RENTER shall pay under this paragraph.
  3. The RENTER shall pay a reasonable cleaning fee if the equipment is returned dirty
  4. The RENTER shall not remove the equipment from the agreed place of use unless written consent is provided by the OWNER.
  5. All equipment will be rented with the necessary tools to obtain full functionality.
  6. The RENTER accepts full responsibility and the OWNER is released from any damage to property or bodily injury resulting from the use, possession and operations of the equipment.


  1. All inflatables are rented with a 100ft extension cord, where applicable.
  2. During the inflation and deflation process, no one should be on the inflatable.
  3. Inflatables should be used on a concrete or grass surface, unless indicated otherwise.
  4. The RENTER is to ensure that the designated spot is big enough to house the inflatable.
  5. Age limits should be adhered to where indicated.
  6. No food or drinks of any kind are allowed on the inflatables, including candy and gum.


  1. The RENTER agrees to immediately discontinue use of rented items should it at any time become unsafe or in a state of disrepair, and will immediately (45 mins or less) notify the OWNER.
  2. The OWNER agrees to make the items available in a reasonable time, provide like replacement or adjust rental charges accordingly.
  3. In all instances, the OWNER shall not be responsible for any injury or damage caused by the failed or defective rented item.


  1. The OWNER agrees to deliver the rented equipment to the RENTER for the start of the rental period and the provided place of use.
  2. RENTER shall make its personnel available to assist at the designed delivery and pick up times at the place of use.
  3. The RENTER shall have the rented items available in an acceptable state and ready for pick up at the agreed time and place of use.
  4. The OWNER agrees to pick up the rented items at the agreed time and place of use indicated.


  1. The RENTER agrees to have the site cleaned and ready for delivery.
  2. At the end of the rental period, equipment to be uninstalled and dismantled for pickup at the agreed time and place of use.


  1. RENTER shall pay a non-refundable deposit of 50% within 3 days of making a reservation unless discussed with the OWNER.
  2. The Deposit will be forfeited if the reservation is cancelled at any time.
  3. If no deposit is required, the RENTER is still responsible for a 50% cancellation fee, regardless of rental amount.
  4. Delivery and Pickup are included in the price of the rental


  1. All equipment and inflatables are used at your own risk.
  2. The RENTER will be responsible for any damage caused to the rented items
  3. Search Cayman Rentals will not accept any responsibility for any bodily injury or property damage caused while using the rented items.

Questions about these Terms should be sent to us at info@searchcaymanretail.com.